My Favorite People In The World

On this day, I received some news regarding my job that I was disappointed to hear. But soon after, I went to Lancaster Blvd with my favorite people, and this made my cloudy skies clear.

We went to a movie theatre, which had recliner seats. My children watched the movie "Sing", but Jasmine and I fell asleep.

And then we went Olive Garden, one of our favorite spots to eat. But first we took a selfie, something entirely new for me.

I have such a beautiful family, from the youngest all the way up. We have LOTS of crazy moments, but there is NO shortage of love. Each picture reflects a piece of my heart, I feel blessed ev'ryday. No matter what happens at work or home, I am blessed in ev'ry way.

This is Lyric🐷

And Landon🐻

And Lei' Lani🐶

And my true love, Jasmine❤️

God has blessed me beyond my desires. With a family and hope, and a future that's brighter.

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