Bullying Tips 2

Cyber bullying is a serious problem. Most of the people who get cyber bullied are kids. Kids play more online games. Here are some things you should know about cyber bullying that I learnt in school today.

You can affect people with bullying verbally, emotionally or physically. This will cause them to sometimes feel sad or act differently.

Example: Imagine you went to Paris. You take lots of pictures and post them online. Another person you don't know sees them. He or she feels sad as he or she cannot afford to go there. This is bullying them emotionally.

Tips for the bully: Try not to bully others. Bullying is serious. You could get arrested for it.

Tips for the victim: Try to ignore the bully, tell a trusted adult. Don't be afraid.

Bystanders: Don't just watch people get bullied. Help them by telling an adult.

I hope we can stop bullying everywhere together. That's all for now, please help me get at least 30 likes, I would really appreciate it. Like if you think I am right. Comment on what you think bullying is to you. Please let me get at least 3 comments.

Shoutout to Mdm Dasimah and YCKPS students.

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