Part II: Christmas in


This year we spent our christmas holidays in the city of a hundred spires.

casually walking around a palace city

views from the towers of Prague

When you visit, do yourself a favor and buy an m-ticket here, literally everybody else waited like a moron in line for more than an hour while we skipped all the lines and went straight up

The Powder Tower also offers amazing views without the waiting. It has maintained its gothic- style spiral staircases that will transport you back to the medieval times.

look at how awesome this tower is 𖢔

You can get a taste of Prague by walking the streets of the Old and Lesser Towns, which are the most touristic areas of the city. The New town is also host to some beautifully adorned streets and nice cafes

View from the observation tower of the Clementinum

Accessible only with a guided tour, the Clementinum has a long waiting line, which means you'll either have to visit early or just wait for an hour in line, no m-ticket here sadly.

streets in New Town

Some places to check out are: - Home Kitchen - Nejen bistro, -If Cafe II - ye's cafe, - Bistro 8 - Tricafe Unfortunately it was too cold for a beer in Letna beer garden - but the view is pretty cool there's a great amount of info in the Taste of Prague

We spent our mornings for breakfast in Letna district

and our evenings for dinner in Karlin, off the beaten path

Another Powder Tower view. Our favorite thing to do on a rainy day like this 𖤍

most tourists in the city visit the clock tower to get a glimpse of this view of the Old Town Sq.

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