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Here's a recap about my travel year 2016 with my Top 15 destinations: 1. Cappadocia, Turkey 2. Marrakech, Morocco 3. Bahamas 4. Ireland 5. Corsica, France 6. Baku, Azerbaijan 7. Los Angeles, USA 8. Algarve, Portugal 9. Palm Springs, USA 10. Cinque Terre, Italy 11. Tenerife, Spain 12. Ithaca, USA 13. Barcelona, Spain 14. East Tyrol, Austria 15. Copenhagen, Austria

This is me and @lionheaded! 👋🏽 We want to thank you guys for being here with us and @Steller for creating this community ❤ But now let's start this story!

Cappadocia, Turkey

Magical landscapes, hot air balloons...

... and crazy architecture.

Marrakech, Morocco

Intricate decor, luxurious Riads,...

...and sunsets over the bazaar!

Bahamas, Out Islands

Boat tours to picturesque islands...

...swimming with stingrays and pigs, and palm tree clad beaches.


Road trips for days...

...and of course sheep everywhere 😍

Corsica, France

An Island made in heaven,...

...and a boat tour at sunset along the coast.

Baku, Azerbaijan

Where traditions meet...

...modern architecture.

Los Angeles, California

The American dream...

... embodied in one city!

Algarve, Portugal

A sunrise boatride to this cave...

...and the amazing surfer's paradise of the west coast.

Palm Springs, California

Vintage cars, palm clad gardens,...

Cinque Terre, Italy

The Italian way of life...

... and picture perfect coastal villages.

Tenerife, Spain

A thousand year old tree,...

...volcanoes and whales! 🐳

Glamping under the Milky Way in Ithaca, New York


Visiting Gaudí's Sagrada Familia

...wandering the streets of the gothic quarter.

And: the modern Olympic port.

East Tyrol, Austria

Hiking the mountains...

... up until this beautiful lake.

Copenhagen, Denmark

A Scandinavian dream city!

More on my new blog: thetravelblog.at

Thank you all for being part of my year 2016! It's been a year full of opportunities and new paths for me ❤

More on my new blog: thetravelblog.at

I want to keep on sharing my travel tales with you! On my blog you can now find more photos and in-depth Infos to the destinations I present here! #goexplore #seewhatisee #travel #places #stellerverse #travelphotography

More on my new blog: thetravelblog.at

Let me know what you think of my new blog! I'd love to get your feedback 🙏🏼❤🙏🏼

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  • ninagraceless

    What an amazing year for you two!! 💕🙌🏼

  • ladyvenom

    @ninagraceless still can't believe how many places we saw last year... it was incredibly hard to pick just 15 🙈😂 But your year 2016 wasn't too bad either 😉 Congrats on getting married ❤ It's been 7 years for us and it keeps on growing 😍✨

  • ninagraceless

    Aw that's so sweet to hear! ❤️❤️

  • pierlu__igi


  • ladyvenom

    @pierlu__igi merci!! Keep on rocking 2017! 🙏🏼☺

  • ladyvenom

    @faith_ashton21 it's been quite an incredible year I have to say 😍❤😍

  • faith_ashton21

    Seems like it! I'm to young to take myself places, but someday I hope to!

  • ladyvenom

    @faith_ashton21 your time will come young Padawan 😉 Keep on filling your bucket list in the meantime, I promise things come true if you write them down 🙏🏼☺

  • faith_ashton21

    Hahaha well thank you for being to kind! I was also looking through some of your other story's and I saw you went to Cinque Terre! I went there over the summer! I also went to Paris, Livorno, and the French alps! Quite an adventure! I hope you put up more story's so I can enjoy them as much as I have with your other ones! :)

  • ladyvenom

    @faith_ashton21 hahah well then you did travel quite a bit this year anyhow 🙏🏼 ☺ I'll be publishing more stories here for sure! You can also check my new blog in the meantime, it just launched today and I shared more photos over there - Cinque Terre is also amongst the blogposts ☺

  • faith_ashton21

    Oh awesome! What's the name of the blog?

  • ladyvenom

    @faith_ashton21 it's thetravelblog.at ☺ you can also just click the link in my bio here 😉

  • faith_ashton21

    Thank you! I will go check that out now 😁

  • coppernotes

    Beautiful! Thank you for taking us on so many incredible adventures this year Marion, and I look forward to your adventures of 2017. You are always inspiring in how you find the essence of each place. Just wonderful! 💫🙋🏻😘

  • Leontine

    Fantastic year! i'm waiting Your next adventure. Happy 2017! ❄❤❄

  • TravelBliss

    Good stuff.. follow me check me out

  • moka


  • NiMi2

    Beautiful, well done!!

  • leehorbachewski

    Thank you for bringing me along in your incredible adventures with such stunning photos!

  • catalinastoian

    Beautiful photos and an amazing year! 💕


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