We'd never done this before

FAQ #1 How and when did you start? Where are you located?

We opened the first store in Santa Monica in 2014, and the second store in Inglewood in 2015. Nick and Geri joined forces with “Chopped” Champion Chef, Joe Youkhan. We all liked the concept of pies as a gourmet fast casual food option – we just felt the traditional Aussie Pie was lacking in its current form, so we started from scratch in recreating it. 2 versions of the story here

FAQ #2 Are your pies authentic ?


No They are different in 3 ways Completely reinvented Difference #1. The way we cook them. We take 3 days to make every pie. Marinate for 24-28 hours. Then slow cook filling for 2-4 hours, then let that filling rest again overnight. Day 3 we blind bake the pastry shell, add the filling and a croissant pastry top.

Completely reinvented Difference #2 The way we present them. Stacked on sides – top and bottom. Then we add the gravy from the outside. 3968 combinations of pies and sides. Other dietary options available too – Lots of veggie, plus low carb, lower calorie, GF, vegan and dairy free options as well. Our pies have an edible rice paper label for easy identification.

Completely reinvented Difference #3 The choices you have - and the way you eat them. With a fork-not with your hands.

you bet

FAQ # 4 Can I reheat pies?

Absolutely. Reheat pies in the oven, covered with foil, and all sides and gravy in the microwave. Pies last 5 days in the fridge, and 3 months in the freezer. More reheating details here

No but we deliver in LA

5. Do you ship pies?

No. We currently don’t ship. Get on a plane and get here - to LA baby. Eat in and to go for now - or for Ron ( as in for lateR on) only. Also if you live in LA and are really busy (or lazy) you can get our pies delivered

Every day in every situation

FAQ #6. Do you do catering?

Yes. We love catering. We do it every day for all sorts of people for all sorts of occasions – big and small, fancy and casual. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Late Night. Pick up. Drop off. Full Service. Boxed meals. Family style. Lets quote for you.

Recent Catering

Wedding for 200 Holiday party for 1500 Thanksgiving lunch for 310 Movie Screening for 175 Monthly lunch for 155 Breakfast for 180 Lunch for 55 Coffee lunch and dessert for 2

Yes in-store

FAQ #7 Do you have any loyalty & reward programs ?

Yes we have two. Both operate in store ie when you come and eat or when you come in and grab food to go. But not with catering or third party delivery services. a. Our punchcard. Buy 9 pies , get 10th pie free. Buy 6 coffees, get 7th one free. b. Mates Rates. Local business who join our Mates rates program save 10% instore.


#8 Are you part of a franchise?

No franchise, no chain, just us. Owned and operated by Geri, Nick & Joe. We are now ready to talk about our strategic expansion, so if you want to talk, drop us an email. Our locations are in Santa Monica and Inglewood.


#9 What Coffee Do you use?

It is Australia’s best coffee - Vittoria. A third generation, 58 year old premium coffee roaster. We train our baristas for about 5 hours. Our FAEMA espresso machine costs the same as a small car. Our signature coffee is a flat white. A careful blend of Vittoria espresso with micro foamed milk. More details here.


# 10 Do you only Sell pies ?

No Non pie options Sides Croissant Rolls Salads Amazing hand made teas and Lemonade's Desserts Soup Etc Check out the menu

Lastly What else do you want to know? Email Nick & Geri, or ask your server. @forkinaussiepie

The Fork-In Aussie Pie Kitchen Please find us 2510 Main St, Santa Monica 11918 Aviation Blvd, Inglewood Yelp Facebook Instagram Steller Google

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