My Year in Review

#stelleryear 2016

When I look back over 2016, I see all the highs and lows that we all endure throughout a year. But what always stands out is how fortune I am to call photography my career. There is nothing I'd rather do. I could never do this without such incredible support from you all. Thank you!

January - March My 2016 began at a wild pace and didn't really slow down. In the first quarter, I was busy: 1. Winter projects in Alberta 2. Photography workshop in Morocco 3. Personal trips close to home

April - June In the second quarter, I taught 18 workshops in 18 different cities across Alberta and British Columbia. I still found time for plenty of fun adventure! 1. Photography project in Miami! 2. And in the Dominican Republic 3. Alberta Rockies 700 bike pack race.

July - September In the summer, I felt really busy. Looking back, I realize it was equally split between work and personal adventures, all in Canada and the USA. 1. Road trip adventures in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana 2. Finally visited Lake O'Hara 3. Carried a Google Trekker around Alberta

October - December Things were a little wild in the final quarter of the year, as I traveled to three difference continents and eight different countries. 1. Jordan with @laurenepbath @jewelszee and @garry_norris. 2. Europe with @ivanthor 3. Cuba photography workshop with @brendanvanson 4. Holidays with family.

Happy New Years and let's all work our butts odd to make 2017 a year we will always remember fondly. I'm counting down these final days, eagerly awaiting the chance to flip the calendar and begin a fresh canvas. See ya'll in the New Year!

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