Prescribed Fire Management

Everglades National Park

A Fire Adapted Ecosystem

Each year Everglades National Park implements thousands of acres of prescribed fire across its 1.5 million acre landscape.

Without fire the park would become overgrown and overtime ecosystem health would suffer.

Historically, every acre of the Everglades should see fire every 3 to 7 years. Each burn helps maintain the ecosystem within its historic fire return interval.

Many hours of planning and preparation goes into implementing each acre treated with fire.

Fire crews drag fire along the edge of the unit as air resources begin to ignite the interior from above.

Employees across the entire Park lends a helping hand.

Everyone plays a role, from law enforcement officers helping control traffic, to public information officers who educate visitors on the importance of prescribed fire.

Fire effect monitors evaluate consumption and fire behavior to insure that objectives are being met.

Holding crews patrol the fireline and help keep fire within the established perimeter.

Fire plays an intricate part of the Everglades ecosystem and maintaining that role is crucial to the health and sustainability of the Park.

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