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Fencing ⚔

Fencing (foil) is the art of using sword to poke your opponent. It is a very safe sport if safety precautions are taken.

Street art graffiti 🎨

We had to make our own stencils that we would use to spray paint.

Forensics - CSI experience 🔎

How to find matching DNA samples

We separate the protein in the DNA by using electrophoresis. The matching DNA sample will have the same distance traveled.

Using uv light, the DNA sample (row#2) from the crime scene has the same distance traveled with the 3rd suspect (row #4).

British etiquette 🇬🇧

William taught us the dos and don'ts of an afternoon tea. He taught us how to hold a cup, how to stir, and how to use the napkin.

Logic a la Sherlock Holmes 🕵

221B Baker Street

Clueing for looks. We find clues and deduce them around Regent's Park and Primrose Hill

Dave explained how Chelsea FC managed their income and expenditure while we were touring around the stadium.

Packaging design at Museum of Brand🖍 ,Packaging, and Advertising

We were randomly assigned an item and its target market. We had to do a research on our market and then develop a new packaging that suits the target market.

Chef Deamo guided us on how to make minced pie almost from scratch.

My creation - minced pies

Drama workshop 🎭

We had to learn a scene/song from Wicked called "What is This Feeling?" and then perform it with our partner as Glinda and Elphaba.

Landmark photography 📷 The Parliament Building

Experiential learning with Vooya

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