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Greenhost Hotel Jogja

Back again in Steller! This time i'm in Jogja. My birth place. Here for a business trip. I'm opening a new Sunday Sunday Co flagship store in Seturan area (Jalan Selokan Mataram). Recruiting crews, preparations, and annual team meeting. My wife and I are staying in our favorite hotel in Prawirotaman. Greenhost. Well, used to be our favorite.


Greenhost Prawirotaman

Papermoon Puppets was on display.

The famous rooftop area. This was taken at 10am, in the next hour this place will be crowded with people taking turns on having their picture taken for their social media feeds.

Love the scent of mint in the air.

We held our meeting in the rooftop, there's a restaurant up there called AGENDA. The food was great, liquors and cocktails also available.

This is the private meeting area. No extra charge to use this. Cons: air conditioning is lacking in this area, and more electric plugs would be terrific.

Dining area was cozy, we did our interviews here. Ordered Suit & Tie, one of the main ingedient was Maccalan's. Hard shit. And it was only 11am.

We stayed in the "Artist-Designed room"

Check out this cool bed lamp.

Cool interior design, kinda edgy and bold. Perfect combining of wood, steel, and concrete. Futuristic yet organic.

But there's a bit of a problem....

Everytime we took a shower, water runs through the glass window and spilled the floor

Yikes. Water everywhere.

We had to call maintenance in the middle of the night because the sink leaked.

Please fix this problem because it's really inconvenient and we can't even change our room.

All in all, this was our 3rd time staying here, and I think next time we're going to try some place else. Not that we didn't enjoy our last stay (well the leaked bathroom experience was a bummer) but we wanna try staying in a different area. Any suggestions?

Have some fresh juice. Hope you enjoyed my post!

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