In Norway

Olympus OM D-E M1 MarkII

Well this could be my favourite #steller story of the year! Working with Olympus in Norway was such an honour and an unforgettable experience! Alongside one of the bestest people I know, the talented Miss @laurenepbath and super creative being Matt Raimondo, we were amongst the first few people in the world to get our hands on the newly released OLYMPUS O M D-E M1 MarkII and boy did we all give the gear a thorough work out! Wild winds, stormy weather, ice cold hands, auroras, orcas, mountains and evil little horses... Norway with Olympus was an adventure like no other! Here I present to you a collection that I feel best represents the capabilities of this amazing new camera, and the bucket list destination that is Norway! Enjoy! Big love JZ xO

Lauren and the Aurora

"Hey ummmm guys... do you think that's the aurora or just clouds?" I asked

Olympus and the Norway light

a dream come true!

The Olympus O M D-E M1 MII has image stabilisation that is outtta this world!! I shot almost everything handheld, bar the obvious northern lights and a few slower shutter necessities!


Our very first shoot in Norway Bergen Port

Lauren and I had some fun doing a little rainy day shoot in our divine red cabin in Reine, Lofoten. I don't like being in front of the lens, but somehow with L it's different. It feels fun and not forced, and I'm often surprised by how much I'm ok with the results!

me and my new Norway mittens

Matt contemplating the day ahead as we head out in search of orcas!

rainy day flat lay

that time Lauren wondered what strange tripod technique I was using was all about....

when the sky lights up and no one knows what the heck to do because there's nowhere to pullover on the road!

out to sea in Tromso

he may look sweet....

Can not even believe I saw this with my own eyes!!

can you see the tiny cabin?

when friends are more like family

The auto focus and tracking capability made shooting the orcas and birds quite a breeze, as we rocked around on the boat, tears streaming down my face, hair being blown around in the wild wind, and the pro lens range was totally on point!

those mountains tho!

hand held shooting reflections too easy on the Olympus!


I've never seen an icy creek before!

The End xO

Thank you! I hope you enjoyed my take on working with the incredible Olympus mirrorless system and all round inspiring company! @olympus_au on Instagram! #epixtrip

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