Phoemes VI


★ Gimme my Daily dose Coffee - Delight Mixed with some Honey I'll sip it Solitary - Pleasure Publicly Tolerated

★ I wanted to Forget - You Free myself With a puff I breathe - Your poison In - And - Throw it all Out - At once To erase - You Instantaneously

★ As shiny as - You could Pretend to be The shadow Behind you Was playing The darker Side of you Expressing parts You hardly - Connect to

★ I gave you the right to some coulours Licking your mouth like I was your next meal Did you only consider your size in regard to mine - Or you just don't care Your feline appetite surpassing reality Or my own vision of our power balance being biased

★ Gloriously Ruined You faced - Reality The day - After Nobody Will be Of any help For - Inner cracks

★ Exhausted By travels - Empty nights Broken promises You left - You lied - Pretended And again Turned me Upside down Let me rest Awhile

★ Twitting Train life Today Together Travel Taking Time To fly

★ Suddenly Swimming Sky becomes Sea Street is a Swimming pool Sirens we are Sisters in Silence

★ 't was Time - To go Rushing away Driven by A compelling Necessity Itchy feet They say

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