2016 Year in Review

I'd only talk about 2016 once. It was horrible. Bye, 2016. 002


I was confined in a hospital the start of the year. After which, I had a long vacation so I watched some movies and went to some places I've feared the most.

This is a drink from Cafe Diem in Miag-ao, Iloilo.

Around the middle of the month, me and my friends went to Kalibo, Aklan for Ati-Atihan celebration.

A local coffee shop at Kalibo, Aklan. Kind of a decent place.

By the end of the month we made a trip going to Mararison and Tibao. Both of these places are found in Antique.

Mararison Island, Antique was a summer destination to some. It is a nice island getaway with picturesque hills and beaches.

Waterfalls at Tibiao, Antique and their “kawa” jizz, it's like a sauna, they put fire under it and the water gets hot.


A decent picture which Von took.

First time to eat at Kusina Nanam. This is what I've ordered.


I went to Manila the first day of March. I had to process some papers required for my visa. Then I headed straight to some coffee shops nearby and by that night went to BGC.

I met with a friend and we had our dinner at Wildflour in Makati.

We also ate at the Bowery, BGC. Around evening, we had a drink.

Uwi na ko, beh.

March 12, me and some friends from work went to Bucari, Leon.


April 2, we went to Concepcion to beach vacay at Sandbar because it was already summer.

April 30, I went to Boracay.

Heads up, folks. This is why 2016 is horrible for me.


This is where I messed up. A random girl from Iloilo whom I also knew went kissing on me and I was caught by my then-girlfriend.

It was the national elections that month but I didn't had the chance to vote. Instead, I spent most of my time together with my nephews playing a video game console.


We went to the beach early June.

This is where we camped out at Mt. Napulak.

This is the view near the top of the peak. You can see clouds and everything from the ground to the ocean to the sky.

This is the peak of Mt. Napulak. It was cloudy. It rained, actually.


Nothing much happened in July. I think this is the only thing worth remembering for July month. And Stranger Things.


As far as I can remember, I had a chance to shoot a friend, then had also a chance to re-connect with my high school crush, and had a chance to go to the beach with my friends from work.


We made a trip going to Nogas Island, Antique early September. We stayed over Siraan Hot Spring. We had a drink and it was this year's highlight for me.

I went to Makati mid-September to meet a friend-then-highschool-crush.

I had the chance to also meet Sid Lucero, a local celebrity/artista.

We dinner'd at Sunnies Café, we then went home, she has exams, I have to go back to Iloilo. And then that was it. Sort of. I just met my then-high-school-crush. 🤷🏻‍♂️


• I met her on the 3rd of October • I celebrated my birthday and; • I went to vacay at Hanoi and HaLong Bay, Vietnam You can check my Hanoi trip at https://steller.co/s/6TquT2KuWF7

I would sometimes hang-out with her.


Nothing happened much by November except I had that chance catching up with my old classmate from elementary.


Sunset watching at Fort San Pedro 🌅🌅🌅

My first "real dinner" with her.

Merry Christmas from my family! 🎄🎄🎄

That's all about it, 2016. I bade you goodbye and I wish to have a good life and success by 2017.

Maybe it's time to move on, apparently.

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