Santa Specials

West Lancashire Light Railway

For four days each December the Railway plays host to Father Christmas. He says it's one of his favourite places to meet young and old alike, and give presents to the children who have been good all year. (Which is all of them).

The chairman puts his back into it

Utrillas gets some essential oils

Captain and 1st lieutenant on parade

An all-important condiment inspection

New for 2016 - baked balloons!

No-one over 18 is allowed a balloon.

Busy scenes on Becconsall platform

The guard keeps a stern eye on events.

The 1.30 departs for Toyland.

The moment of truth!

Trust an elf to misbehave

Old tech, new tech

Trust an elf to misbehave - 2

Always time for a little roof-mopping...

Irish Mail amidst personal cloud

Making sparks fly on Joffre's footplate

Mince pies and trains in the tea-room

Can you see the staff changing hands?

It's a conspiracy...

Keeping Santa's supply chain running

Back-up supplies for Santa's sack

Gordon winning the signal competition

Day's end, cleaning Joffre's smokebox

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