The River Of Life


Question 1 What does “thriving” mean to you?

"Thriving means moving on and becoming a better person"


It means To Open Your Mind

And look at the world with different eyes

Follow Your Own Path

And Search Love Around You

And sometimes remember to slow down ...

And take you time Take time for Yourself

Blossoms need some time to sprout But suddenly They are There

Question 2 Do you think you are thriving at the moment? Please explain why.

Sometimes I feel like I am Surviving But Indeed I'd rather Blossom

And I feel grateful for The River of Live

And to the Man of The River

Because I am now on my way Thriving Again

I am not a Survivor Anymore

Life Is such a Precious Gift ❤️

Live Love And Blossom

. Question 3 What qualities, skills, values or behaviour do you think would help someone in “survival mode” shift to “thriving mode”

Be Patient

Your Eyes will see things you've never noticed

You'll see new doors That are open

And one day you will find your way to thrive again

The thriving Edge

But this is not the end of the story

Many stones will try to stop your new flow

Be Strong and Smooth At the same time And you'll find your Way in the River of Your Life

And you will live in Peace

Are you a "thriver" or a "survivor" ?

I have been thinking and metabolising our great experience for a long time, but unfortunately, due to a couple of months of intense work I was unable to sit down an complete this album of pictures. But today at Christmas Eve, I finally found a moment to integrate my late response to Monica's questions in this tribute to the River of Life, and wish you at the same time a very happy Holiday Season and a Thriving 2017.

I hope to see you all very soon here May This Be The Place Of Thrivers Love Francesca

The River of Life


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