The entirety of Tad Lauritzen Wright's show, "The Politics of Power" is made up of his signature single line drawings, centering on Greek and Roman mythology.

Through his dedication to the medium Lauritzen Wright has elevated single line drawing to a different level. Comprised of ink on paper, acrylic on canvas, acrylic on ceramic, and single line wire sculptures, "The Politics of Power" is wholly black and white, stripped to the most basic elements of line, color, and shape.

Known for his consciously naïve style, Lauritzen Wright employs immediacy and an abundant imagination to portray the gods with humor and wit, posing the icons of the past for new interpretations.

"It would be difficult to preplan these works beyond subject matter. As I draw I must be conscious of the entire surface of the piece and of creating a visual rhythm as I weave the lines in and out of one another."

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