Tales of the Sea

Annisa Dina

SeaWorld, according to its name, is the one and only aquarium located in Jakarta. . . It reached the peak of popularity about 10 years ago or more, when I was in elementary school.

Tired of ordinary dating destinations (which means malls, malls, and malls), me and my partner decided to greet back this old aquarium.

Entering the aquarium, I felt a strong 90's vibes and a kinda warm nostalgia.

I was greeted by 2 big turtles, a manta ray, and an arapaima fish at the first place; but there was one really intelligent and friendly turtle that came approaching when we stood around the aquarium waving at him.

Is it a lonely gaze or am I overthinking things?

Kinda puzzled by the look of the Turtle's eyes, I moved to the next aquarium which wrapped in attractive combination of colors.

The aquarium was really full of eels and some kind of fish. It was the eels that gave colorful touch.

After that, I moved to the next aquarium which was placed higher than others. Oh, just below the aquarium, I saw a small space that could bear 2 person in it.

When I looked at the fish, they looked back and they seemed to ask: "What are you looking at, dude?"

Just above the surface, some Brazilian Turtles acted like a cheerleader team throwing a pity look at a nerdy girl. That nerdy girl was me.

Other colorful aquarium.

Find Nemo but can not find Dory...

After strolling around for a while, there was announcement asking visitors to gather on main aquarium. Feeding time is a perfect time to show up some diving skills!

The diver remained calm though the mass was gone wild.

After feeding time, we were allowed to get underneath the aquarium through the escalator. Such a favorite thing to do.

From outside, the main aquarium looked so small, but when we got underneath it, it was surprisingly big. . . It was obvious that the main aquarium had been divided to some parts; the part of friendly fish and the less friendly, big, scary fish.

Area of bigger fish. Thanks to low light exposure; making it more mysterious, scary, and unfamiliar.

Keeping up with Manta Ray.

Among all sea creatures, jellyfish got a special place in my heart.

There is always something special in the way they move, the way they interact with others, even the way they dying. (I once had a jellyfish)

Next thing is a car-like aquarium with a lot of orange fish inside. . . As a newbie K-Poper whose life has been 'contaminated' by particular girlbands lately, this kind of aquarium reminds me of...


Okay... I was a bit distracted back then. Now let's go to the next aquarium(s).

One of our last aquariums had a tropical decor -- fulfilled with green green grass and this kind of fish that stick to the glass all the time and had a strange pose.

The last aquarium would remind you to Maroon 5's old song called "Payphone" because it exactly looked like a Payphone closet! (plus water, bubbles, and fish -- especially the black ones that sticks to the phone and the surrounding glass...)

As Indonesian, I got nothing to lose visiting this aquarium -- cheap entrance, various kinds of fish (even sharks that I didn't manage to capture). But, if I can be honestly commenting, this place should transform itself. The 90's vibe is way too strong and time goes on. If it doesn't want to get abandoned, an upgrade is needed!

Terima Kasih!

Pictures courtesy: Annisa Dina Zayana Dwistha Baswara SeaWorld site Google (Blackpink ones) nisaadina.18@gmail.com #stellerworld #stellerindonesia #stellerjakarta #stellerplaces #stellertravel #stellercommunity #travel #places #aquarium #Jakarta #Indonesia

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