Naousa is a rapidly growing cosmopolitan town which attracts all kinds of tourists, and a lot of them. When I was little, every night I would ask my parents if we they were going to naousa for a drink so that I could wander around the picturesque narrow streets with my friends and tell stories.

At night, people gather in the glamorous restaurants and bars of Naousa to get a taste of greek life (the real one, not what the americans call greek)

Naousa was once a quaint fishing village, so most of the bars and cafes are located right next to the seaside

Some hidden treasures

Make sure to wander around the little ports of naousa, but keep in mind that in high season you'll hardly be able to move between the crowds..!

Magic sunset light in the whitewashed alleys 𑁍

I miss the days when fewer people knew about this place. Here is where we sat for drinks by the beach with candlelight / in a quiet bar called Vavayas

𖤣 For fish / eating: Barbarossa restaurant Blue Fish, Sigi Ixthyos Romantica: greek cooking Have souvlaki in the Meat bar DON'T MISS THE TRADITIONAL LOUKOUMADES (Greek Donuts) 𖤣 Cafes/Bars: Cafe Karino, Amelie Linardo - open till late, after 3:00 Vavayas - by the beach, Agosta Sommaripa Consolato Fotis Art Cafe

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