South Africa

Cape Town, Joburg, Madikwe

Hey lovelies! Gosh this is a HUGE #steller 😱😍 Our recent trip to South Africa with was so wonderful that I have way way way too many pictures to share! Travelling with a gorgeous group of talented beings, to this amazing country was beyond my wildest dreams and I feel so lucky to be able to share these experiences with you. I hope you enjoy this story, and I hope you can make it to the end! Haha! Big love Jewels xO

First Stop: CAPE TOWN From stunning coastlines like Camps Bay, epic mountain views like Table Mountain and Lions Head Peak, Boulders Beach Penguin Colony, scrumptious wineries, city lights,and the ever so cute colourful houses of BoKaap... Cape Town has everything! It blew all my expectations out of the water!

The view of Lions Head Peak from Table Mountain

Soooooo many penguins at Boulders Beach, a beautiful coastal drive about an hour from Cape Town.

Cheers @milesgray88

Next Stop: JOHANNESBURG I must admit, while I didn't take too many photos at all in Joburg, this is where I learnt the most about the incredible (horrific and tragic) history of this immense country. The extreme contrast between the wealthy and the poor was most apparent here, and the emotions ran very high visiting SoWeTo, the Nelson Mandela House (where I physically couldn't stay in his bedroom after only a few seconds as the tears started flowing and I was really overwhelmed by the energy of the space) and a museum named in honour of a young school student by the name of Hector Pieterson, who was killed by police in a protest in 1976, and there is an iconic image of his body being carried by his crying brother. He was only 12. The story and the images in this museum are so powerful, and so intensely heartbreaking. I cried so much and felt so incredibly lucky for the life I get to live today.

Rooftop hangs were our jam while in Johannesburg

This powerful zebra mural by @faith47 (instagram) is a must see in the urban jungle that is Johannesburg! It's on Fox Street, and @laurenepbath took this shot of me.

This one is taken by @meissafindley

Haha! Cheersing with Miles again! If you saw our instastories at all from this night, you might know that we all were slightly tipsy! 🙈😝

In SoWeTo we ate traditional South African food... it was delicious!

Last but not least: SAFARI!!!! Madikwe Safari Lodge & Game Reserve Omg what can I say!! LOVE!!! Every single moment from driving in before we had even checked in, to the very last goodbye hug from our Safari guide Gerhard, was just the most special time ever! The food, the staff, the lodges, the everything was totally amazeballs and I haven't even mentioned the ANIMALS yet!!!! We saw giraffes, elephants, baboons, lions, rhinos (yes!!), wilderbeast, zebra, springbok, hyenas, impala, kudu... an infinity of different bird species!!! Omg!! It was heaven!! So many tears, but so incredibly happy!! I think every person on earth should be lucky enough to experience all the animals in their natural habitat in this way, to fall in love, connect, and become passionate about them conserving them for future generations. Did you know that now giraffes have just been placed on the endangered species list?

Miles sitting by the lodge pool watching a lovely giraffe drink from the nearby watering hole

Here is the whole groups links to their amazing Instagram's on the following pages, followed by some #bts ;)

Such a great group of people and great trip, that I have so many #behindthescenes snaps! Aaaarrgghh too hard to choose!

The whole gang at the 12 Apostles Hotel in Camps Bay

"Jarrad Seng why are you so cool?"

@laurenepbath & sunrise over Cape Town

Lauren's Birthday Morning 💕 We look so sleepy haha! It was sooooo early! 😝

Stole this from my girl Melszees Insta story! Too cute not too! 🙈

Me and Mr Miles on Safari 😊

The End xO

Thank you so much to Lauren, Melissa, Miles, Jarrad, Matt & Luke for being such great travel companions! Thank you to South Africa Tourism AU for an unforgettable trip! #WOWSOUTHAFRICA #epixtrip