Winter Impressions

LONDON / LONDRES I wrote about my second impressions of this big city titled "the love of strangers" here: #vsco #london #steller #vscocam #stellerstories #clarocasey

the love of strangers | london My thoughts on London, the second time around. Lots of fancy coats Trash blowing along the bridges Quality leather shoes clicking Grey almost yellow winter sky White faces with pink cheeks Brown and olive skins, beautiful. Lots of coffee shop chains, Fast foods and less free wifi than Spain. Queens Walk along the river Spanish tourists in large groups 'Que, por allá... no me jodas' Combination over and underground train stations Expensive transit and foods Cornwall Pasty Co. Pimms, mince pies, hot cider and mulled wine. For lunch I had no cream cream of chicken soup, using blended cauliflower fennel and celeriac not celery... brits and their odd English. Pretzel with a trillion poppy seeds and an organic coffee with Soya - not soy ?! Cool & quiet rural communities along the train to stansted with river boats docked nearby and green gardens wet with London fog, rain and dew. Green ivy and green moss on everything that sits still long enough. Walls, trees, fences, homes. Ivy grown over fresh graffiti. Riverboats that float but don't move. Extensive Brick. Masonry. Reflective yellow worker jackets, Transit strikes and delay announcements.

the love of strangers | london Continued... Comically cute taxis and cars, red double-decker buses for local routes not just tourists. Litter embossed in gold on bag-lined public trash cans. Streets painted with 'Look left' and 'look right' plus 'mind the gap' at each train stop. Scarves boots hats gloves, Frosted roadside shrubbery and visible human breath. I spotted a family of wild animals not sure what, frozen by fight or flight processing, standing in the forest. Short round boar-like bodies but fur and antlers like deer. A London mystery. Smells of curry, musky moisture soaked everything and warm exhaust. Noisy underground squeaking rails. Curvy metro tracks and petite hallways. Decades old upholstery smelling of millions of bodies oder and sweat. Lots of 'love' as in 'sure love, cheers love, your receipt love.' This detail I remember from my first visit. The love of strangers.

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