This time we decided to post simple house photos.

Maybe these are uglier & worst compare to common beautiful photos. Why we did it? Let's swipe to the next pages to find the answers 😊

Home is a house plus the SOUL & HUMANITY inside it, because we are not zombies :)

How strong do we give soul to our home even it's a simple home?

A home is an IDENTITY, not by carving the name or number on the wall, but by creating cheerfulness or angriness from inside it.

What identity do we create of our home?

A home is a HEAVEN with 100% freedom to do anything crazy even to be naked :)

How strong do we make our home to be a real heaven?

A home gives permanent COLORS to our personality, either it's bright or even the dark color.

What colors do we try to paint in our home as a soul of home?

A home is a REFLECTION of who we are, a mirror that can be seen by others.

Do we know how others see us through our home?

Truthfully we hope all of us will be able to create home not just build house 🙏

"Home sweet home is a RELATIVE definition. Happiness inside it, is ABSOLUTE"

(JW, 2016)

Quotes were made by JW. Instagram: @wordsbyjw & @wulan_dewi_sunu Photos are courtesy of Sunu family along Kahayan River, Nyaru Menteng & Tahai Lake, Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan (Borneo), Indonesia. #stellerid #stellerquotes #quote #writing #psychology #stellerstories #selfimprovement #creative #selfreminder #life #motivation #motivasi #katabijak #wisdom #stellerverse #wordsbyjw #stellerhome #palangkaraya #psikologi #quotesindonesia Juniwulan Dewi Permaining Tyas

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