One day in Paris

December 2016

At the end of October @London was running a promo on Instagram with Eurostar trains and return tickets were just 39£, the only condition was that you had to return the same day. One day is certainly not enough to explore Paris properly, but as I knew exactly where I wanted to go I've made most of it. My train left from London St. Pancras International at 7am and arrived at Gare du Nord in Paris slightly after 10am. I've had a lovely day and ten hours and over 40k steps later I was on the train back to London, tired but smiling and with the camera full of pictures. Here are some of them, hope you like them.

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  • salman_rus

    Woow. More beutiful

  • zoeylive


  • dpagewood

    Well done.

  • PowerCouples

    Stunning captures! The great time shows in your photos 😁

  • Walkabout_Pack

    I was admiring the lovely oval window and convenient seats thinking what a relaxing spot to admire such French buildings then realized the Eiffel Tower was in the background. Even more of a special window now.

  • snowqueen1650

    Lovely ☺️


    So beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  • KalleWirsch

    What beautiful pictures! Sometimes you need not lots of time, but be on the right spot at the right time, Congratulation! :-)

  • hbraica

    A Frenchwoman once told me that Buenos Aires was very similar to Paris, I corroborated it

  • KalleWirsch

    Compared with the pictures on your website the best series you shot

  • alanisko

    Thank you all 😉🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Chupa_Bang

    Beautiful 😍

  • IntrovertlyB

    Omg so gorgeous @alanisko! What phone and edit app is this? I hope you can share. Paris is beautifully captured by you. You too me right back there.

  • alanisko

    @IntrovertlyB Lightroom CC 👊😎

  • ladyvenom

    Wow you got lucky with amazing weather and light that day! ✨ I love that oval window view!! Would you share where this is?

  • alanisko

    @ladyvenom hey Marion, thank you. It was lovely day even with pollution worst in last decade 😉 check geotag on that post. It's hotel 😉

  • SilverThorne

    Beautiful captures!

  • Subrat

    Beatuful pictures!! Lucky day for you with good weather

  • eromines


  • Rabi_

    Wow 💕

  • kishmeenootz

    Very nice!

  • TravelBliss

    Very nice give me a follow everyone... I am new here. Thanks...

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  • IntrovertlyB

    Thanks for replying! So dreamy @alanisko