Wonders of the North (Part 2)


In my previous post I explored the more natural side of the north of England. Places like the Lake District and Malham Cove made an appearance but that’s barely scratching the surface. North of England are littered with historic cities such as York, Leeds and Sheffield that embody everything people love about Yorkshire. I came back to live in Leeds for 2 months in September before deciding my next move so it would be rude not to showcase my love for this magical part of England:

Leeds itself is a very concentrated city and best explored on foot. Beautiful shopping areas such as Victoria Quarter and Corn Exchange allow you to feel the soul of the place without spending a penny while the Royal Armouries and Leeds Art Gallery provide a refreshing take on history and modern art. All are free to enter and explore at your leasure so make sure to plan accordingly as you won’t be able to fit everything into one day.

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