predictive fragments

_glitchbook 02

this message is ready and waiting on my phone and it will not work all of you who don't want this invitation please send your requirements hi all i'm new and will not work on this site a very long day and a couple weeks to see the status

if i can get a good day and night i had a chance of getting the word about it i will send you an idea of the individual addressee you may not be in touch use it next week and then delete the original transmission he said he had been a bit more about it it is nice to hear that you can get the chance

if you want me to be in the future and i have to be able and willing offer to help me with a new one then delete it immediately and notify us

if i could not find a place for you and i am going on the same thing with you to know that you are hereby advised to independently confirm the same thing

winter 2016 | portland, or | moto x [sic][redacted]

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