#feelgoodcom toolkit for Feeling Good during the cosier months

The Feel Good Community were worried about people's wellbeing during the cosier months. We wanted to address these concerns with inspiration from Denmark, some simple tips and wise words. We all have within us the ability to Feel Good. Happiness is homemade after all! The Feel Good Chemicals make this possible. Read on to find out more....

Pronounced Hooga The Danes love Hygge, roughly translated it means cosiness for the soul. It could be why they are the happiest country on Earth!

Be a Hyggespreder...invite your friends round, cook some food, get cosy and make happy memories

Tips and wise words to help you Feel Good

Giving back helps us to release Dopamine. The Feel Good Community love giving out Random Acts of Kindness for this reason

Self love is the key. Be kind to yourself you are doing an amazing job!

Venturing outside, preferably with friends, helps to boost our Serotonin and Endorphin levels. Who will you invite to walk & talk with you today?

Take the time to see the beauty all around

"We rise by lifting others." When we show our gratitude our Oxytocin levels increase making us Feel Good!

Explore what makes you happy. Finding your passion will help you to find your purpose and in doing so you will boost your Endorphin levels!

Be a HUG dealer

To release Oxytocin aka the cuddle hormone we all need more hugs!

Connect with others. Find your Feel Good tribe!

Setting a series of goals and celebrating small victories helps us to balance out our emotions and avoid a Dopamine hangover.

Our friends over @cookwelleatwellcov shared one of their favourite winter warmer recipes. Invite your friends round for this simple supper Hygge style

The Feel Good Community originated as a way to help people find the support they need in a fun, creative and active way. Get in touch to find out more...

#CovMindTheGap is a growing movement that brings together services and users to help people think creatively about how they can bridge the gap

If you have enjoyed our toolkit and want to find out more... Please join us on our journey to Feel Good Instagram: FeelGoodInsta FaceBook: Feel Good Community Twitter: @talk2mels #feelgoodcom #CovMindTheGap

A BIG thank you to everyone involved over the past year , without YOU this wouldn't be possible! Extra special thanks to: Matt, Mel, Vandana, Rishard & Heidi

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