of Paradise

Soglio is a charming and sunny village in the Bergell, the gateway to Switzerland. The great Segantini said it was the "threshold" of heaven (in Italian "soglia"), and with those mountains that form the background... well.. I would say that he was right. To reach Soglio by walk you have to leave your car in the pretty village of Castasegna in Italy.

Here follow the signs and take the path that gently rises in the woods.

Going up the trail leaves the forest to give us a breathtaking view of the Alps.

A spectacular light bring us to the one most beautiful village of Switzerland in 2015

Say goodbye to Cengalo, Badile and this spectacular view was arduous. Another photo again please.

A beautiful ring route takes us back in Italy. Just a last greeting to the snow-capped peaks and then again in the woods.

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