From Tiwi, again.


Friars called the place Tigbi, which evolved into Tivi and, then, finally to its present name

Coordinates: 13°27′N 123°41′E

As a Catholic parish, it was administered by a secular priest under the then Diocese of Nueva Caceres, now an archdiocese.


Main mode of Public transport


Tiwi began as a barrio of Malinao before it was formally organized as a politically independent pueblo in

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, the municipality has a land area of 105.76 square kilometres (40.83 sq mi) constituting 4.11% of the 2,575.77-square-kilometre- (994.51 sq mi) total area of Albay.


Tiwi Plaza

Mayon Volcano, Of course. If it shows itself. This trip, it barely did.

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