(Before this trip) - Bali is a place to party. - Bali is about beaches and party. - Bali is best for honey moon. Ps: i'm kind of mountain dude, i don't fancy beaches or beers. But it's hard to resist women in bikinis or two pieces' ;D JK


Itinerary: Day 1. Mount Agung Day 2. Mount Batur Day 3. Rest Day 4. Back to Jkt. Team: Me (Jkt) Acen (Jkt) Kunthi (Jkt) Zicco (Bali)


The Mount Agung agenda will start at 9-10 pm. So there's free time, from 7am to 8pm. 12 hours of free time, off course we don't want to spend all of those hours with sleep and eat. We are adventurer we eat hiking shoes for breakfast! So, we decided to go to Nusa Penida Island. Well, hello there sunny day!

After we visited Nusa Penida, due to our fitness condition we changed the schedule. We decided to visit Mount batur, first, then Mount Agung on the following day.

Bali always known with its beaches. But for me Bali's heaven is definitely the mountains. Mount Batur (1,717 M ASL) is a beautiful active volcano. It offers you a great sunrise view, magnificent landscape, clouds, forests and lake. Facts: Located in north east Bali, the heart of Kintamani Mount Batur is a part of UNESCO's Global Geopark Network


After we climb Mount Batur, we rent a house for couple of hours. We were quite exhausted and we need a proper rest to gain some energies and confidences. Because when the night come, we'll hike the highest peak in Bali, Mount Agung!

Mount Agung is the highest peak of Bali, standing at 3,031 M ASL Mount Agung offers you a high intensity adventure. Mount Agung definitely one of my best adventures in 2016. Facts: The Balinese believe that Mount Agung is a replica of Mount Meru, the central axis of the universe. One legend holds that the mountain is a fragment of Meru brought to Bali by the first Hindus. The most important temple on Bali, Pura Besakih, is located high on the slopes of Gunung Agung


(After this trip) 1. I want to go back to BALI 2. I want to visit Mount Batur, again. 3. I wanna live in BALI! ;)

That's all folks!

From left to right: Meizal Rossi, Kunthi Adinegoro, Acen Trisusanto & Zicco Hudyoro Photos & Video by Meizal Rossi, Acen & Zicco #Bali #traveling #indonesia #mountains #stellerID #storyoftheday #wanderlust

  • wisnuswardhana

    Bang itu Gn. Agung, langsung lanjut naik Gn. Batur, bisakah?

  • meizalrossi

    @wisnuwardhana31 kmaren habis turun batur istirahat dulu skitaran 8 jam. Abis itu lanjut naek Agung. Beda daerah sih, dan perlu kendaraan, dari batur skitaran 1-2 jam buat ke basecamp pendakian agung.

  • rani17eight

    what a beautiful place 👍

  • joya432

    Keren banget!!!

  • whoisandrean

    Dang it! 🔥 Photography maupun Videography nya keren banget ka!

  • merih

    Excellent! Great effort to go up the mountains! I was wondering about these mountains. Next time I will go! 👏🏻👏🏻

  • sebutsajafaisal

    Kak mau tanya gimana cara ubah font biar kayk di covernya kakak?

  • meizalrossi

    @sebutsajafaisal halo bro, gue bikin di photoshop covernya, jadi tinggal insert aja di stellernya

  • meizalrossi

    @merih yes, great effort and great happiness too haha. good luck for your upcoming mountain journeys 🙌🏽

  • meizalrossi

    @whoisandrean @joya432 makasihhh gaess 🙏🏾

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    Weeee ada Zicco, udah curiga sih ama voice over nya...

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