summer 2016

When I had the chance to decide where to spend my summer holiday this past July I had no idea where to go. I only knew I wanted to visit France one again.

Finally a french person I know suggested me to visit Strasbourg and Colmar. I thought "why not" and the day after I booked the bus tickets to Strasbourg. This is just the first part of my solo adventure in Alsace.

I had to admit, I had never heard of Colmar before in my entire life, and that was kind of a pity. Colmar is a little gem - doesn't take too much time to visit and it's totally worth it.

When I think back to my days in Colmar what I immediately think of are the pop of colors. Even in what could be described as dull rainy days the little town can gift every tourist of its beauty and unique atmosphere. Nothing looks boring, everything can surprise you in Colmar.

Alsace may be considered the very heart of Europe. Being the smallest French region just adds to the beautiful controversy that could describe it.

After all Colmar is not called "the little Venice" for nothing.

Have you considered Alsace for a visit already? If not, hold your fire! New post will be up on the site... eventually. #stellerstory #stellerfrance #france #alsace #summer #holiday #steller #colmar #iphone #iphoneography

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