Hello Yogyakarta. I'm never bored of you. This time I'm exploring your old part of the city. KOTAGEDE.

I was there for the Jagalan Festival's sketching event.

This is my sketch version of one of your charming doors.

But then I saw more beauty in your narrow alleys.

The narrow alleys are not without purpose.

It was to prevent the Portuguese' cannons to get in..

..and to trap thieves.

But it backfired when the huge earthquake in 2006 happened.

It was difficult to run saving your life among many people and crumbling walls in narrow streets.

However, most of the people stay in Kotagede.

Some culture is maintained, attracting visitors like our pal @motulz ..

..and me, a sucker for beautiful doors.

Alun-alun village is where the old city square used to be, at the era of Islamic Mataram Kingdom.

It reached its peak in 16th century. Now houses occupy the city square (alun-alun) area.

Nonetheless, you can still see a lot of the historic traces.

Like the gate of Sendang Seliran in the Great Mosque complex.

Some modern development is visible in Kotagede.

Even trendy murals are there.

Good news is, friendliness of the people stays.

And I will be back for more of Kotagede ❤️

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