I’m so excited to be sharing the first in a new series of blog posts and Steller stories with photographer Nathalie Priem. I love @nathaliepriem's work, both for interiors but also her still life and incredible landscape photography. So I’m delighted to be able to share Nathalie’s images here, starting with this beautiful apartment in London's Little Venice which is the home of interior designer Shanade McAllister-Fisher.

Shanade studied at the KLC School Of Design and then went on to work for a luxury interior design studio, focusing mainly on high-end development projects across London, before setting up her own studio in January of this year. I asked Shanade about her inspirations, and how she went about transforming this interior into such a vibrant home.

"I purchased this one bedroom apartment from the local authority. It hadn’t been modernized for years and the whole apartment was very tired and dated, but the enormous floor to ceiling original sash windows and high ceilings had me hooked as soon as I walked through the front door. It was a small space but with big attitude."

"I opened up the dividing wall between the kitchen and living space to create an open plan layout. As the kitchen was always going to be dominant within this room, I wanted it to feel more like a piece of furniture that would sink in and complement the room."

"I wanted each room to have its own identity but also flow as one space so I’ve used an undertone of monochrome and brass throughout, while giving each room its own colour pop."

"I love using bold colours, big patterns and lots of texture to create drama, impact and visual talking points."

"The bedroom is a place to retreat and relax so colour was really important in here. The inky blue walls and complementing blue hues (painted in Farrow & Ball's Hague Blue) are so tranquil and luxurious, making it such a calm space to relax and drift away. As with every room in the apartment, there is always a statement piece, and the roman blind made with Timorous Beasties Napoleon Bee fabric is a complete showstopper."

"Originally this woodwork was going to be stripped back and repainted, but when I saw the amazing richness and texture being unveiled under the layers of paint I fell in love with its pared back state. The restorer thought I was mad when I told him to stop and leave the window as is."

"The terrace is accessed from the kitchen sash window. It is such a luxury to have outdoor space in London that I wanted it to feel like an extension of the apartment and another lounging and entertaining space."

"The bathroom is small and narrow with no natural light so I used mirrors and glass to create a feeling of space and openness. I wanted to draw attention away from the size of this room and by adding a focal point with the very cool geometric floor tiles the eye is naturally drawn downwards."

"The entrance hall is hugely important to set the scene, so drama was at the forefront of the design. This again isn’t a large space so I wanted to have over-exaggerated big patterns, large wall art and a rich colour palette, which is a little unexpected when you open the front door."

With thanks to Shanade McAllister-Fisher. See more of Shanade’s work here. You can also find Shanade on Pinterest, Houzz, and Instagram.

Photography by @nathaliepriem

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  • aconica

    I've been trying to be brace enough to paint my bedroom a darker color and I just haven't pulled the trigger. This is so lovely

  • coppernotes

    @aconica Isn't this blue fantastic? I'm with you - I'd love to do this but I really struggle with the lack of light in winter, so have stuck with chalk white walls. But then I see a deep colour used so well, as here, and think hmmm....

  • ralukini

    Omg, gorgeous

  • jordanfoy

    I love the spider light, that's really nice. It's nice to see that once the light has been removed there are dark patches, rather than the blinds come down and it still be quiet bright.

  • coppernotes

    Me too @jordanfoy - the light, and the colour, and I love the moodiness. It's not all light and bright - the bedroom has a lovely moody tone.

  • coppernotes

    Isn't it just! @ralukini 😀

  • coppernotes

    Oh and ps (as I'm guessing it was you!) thank you for sharing this @jordanfoy ☺️✌🏻️

  • jordanfoy

    @copperline you guess correctly! Yeah I actually think the moody tones are relaxing. It's nice to be light and bright but in the evening that leaves it feeling cold and empty.

  • coppernotes

    Agree @jordanfoy - although as I was saying to someone above (as I've been contemplating dark walls somewhere for what feels like *forever*) I struggle with the lack of light in winter and that always stops me taking the plunge. My white walls already look grey half the time - I looooooooove moody tones... dark greys, green, blue - but need light so bad right now! So... maybe in our next place it'll work. 🤔

  • coppernotes

    @jordanfoy another ps: I think this moody look is great in a bedroom, as it's not a day time space so light isn't such an issue. So maybe that's a place to start with deeper colour...

  • jordanfoy

    @copperline My place is the exact same but I feel the white to grey feels dreary where as if it's dark it's at least 100% then in the middle. I'm moving soon with actual windows, 4 big Georgian windows so lots and lots of light. I can't wait to get started... Pinterest 'new home ideas' is in full swing.

  • coppernotes

    Yeah, understand that☝🏻️@jordanfoy Your next place sounds fab! Lots of windows, tonnes of light... ohhhh... 🤗

  • jordanfoy

    @copperline the 'another ps:' is totally right!

  • jordanfoy

    @copperline if you ever pass Liverpool you're more than welcome to stop by

  • coppernotes

    Awww thank you! If I do, I will take you up on that offer! 😄 We'd get nerdish over interiors and I'd be all 😱 (in a good way!) with your Georgian pad! @jordanfoy

  • Leontine

    Wow! I like the bedroom. I buy English colours Farrow&Ball. In my room, the wall where the bed is placed, is painted in the same blue color. It 'very dark, but very elegant, and very restful!

  • coppernotes

    Oh @leontine I love your taste in colour! I love when a dramatic hue like this can also feel restful. Beautiful!

  • ivijblu


  • MillerDoxie

    Great use of color, strong contrast and interesting textures. Love the playful artwork and decor pieces.


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