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Feel the blue

"You can only come to this island by ferry, isn't it incredible?" a Danish lady told me with enthusiasm on the first day I arrived. And I agreed that this is how you feel you reached an island coming through the sea... thinking at the same time that this may also be one of the reasons that make a place extraordinary!

This lonely windmill stands at the port of "Aegiali".

Stroll around at "Lagada", one of the villages surrounding Aigiali.

Pay attention to the interesting architecture of some of the blue and white houses...

Walk among the locals and get to know them; they are friendly and often eager to tell you their story!

"Kato Meria"-"Vroutsi"

People of Amorgos used to live in different areas of the inland. Ancient "Arkesini" is one of these old settlements located at the south part of the island.

More than 350 churches are dotted all around the island and if you belong in a pilgrim society you definitely have a niche to catch!

Tradition and customs are originally held on this island. You may get to experience one if you are lucky to be present since everyone is always welcome to join!

"Kastri". From this point and looking at the right side of this picture, you have a panoramic view of the main port, named "Katapola", which is situated in the south part of the island.

One of the most significant landmarks on the island: Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa. Get ready to be amazed by the way it is built as well as the breathtaking view on your way to reach it!

Saint Anna beach. This is where the movie "Big Blue"was filmed.

These are common inhabitants of the Greek islands. In Amorgos cats and donkeys are perhaps more likely to be encountered.

If you are an active person, besides swimming at beautiful coasts and diving in deep clean waters, Amorgos is one wonderful hiking destination! The island is famous of its ancient paths and its structure of the ground helping people back then for their agricultural activities and the carriage of goods from one place to another.

Some of the hiking trails are well known and marked. However, if you are into adventures there are many others awaiting to be further explored. Fantastic views of the endless blue leave you absolutely speechless!

Beautiful backstreets of "Chora".

Do you know why streets are so narrow? According to the locals it's because when pirates attacked the island, someone could quickly pass by and knock all the doors warning them to get protected from the pirates!

Main square of the Chora reminds you of an authentic greek village; designated by a big plane tree which serves as a paradise shadow for the hot summer period.

"How is your day like?" I asked these two old men and I got one simple reply.. "People's smiles give us life".

Colorful coffee shops alternatively decorated can be found in most of the island's villages. Don't forget to taste the Psimeni raki (local drink) at a "kafenio".

Make sure to visit the castle of Chora and choose to enjoy a memorable magic sunset at the windmills. This is indeed a significant spot of Chora you definitely don't want to miss out!

Amorgians look for those tourists who will revisit their island! They seek to provide reasons for everyone to love the island or something on it so much that it is worth coming back ...

Choose your paradise or make it happen in...

Amorgos !

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    hahahahahahaha it's hilarious that foreigners think it's strange to be able to visit an island only by ferry. the best islands don't have an airport.

  • ElenAlexiou

    @jordanfoy thank u very much for the comment-indeed the island is waiting to welcome you !!

  • ElenAlexiou

    @nellypng I think this Danish lady was extremely happy and believed exactly what you argued; that the best islands don't have an airport !

  • nellyvels

    exactly my point! you should also check out Folegandros next time you visit. it has a similar aura with Amorgos only it's smaller and more cosy!

  • ElenAlexiou

    thank you @nellypng ! Folegandros is only one of the few islands in Greece that I have not been yet.. Will do that soon hopefully 😉

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