This past September I did something as crazy as driving the whole night from Milan to Venice just to catch a glimpse of my favorite actor, Jake Gyllenhaal. Was I successful? Let's see.

I arrived around 4am and had the chance to visit a city I've never seen before with no one around.

Venice is a total reflection of what we hope movies could do. It just creates something in a sort of impossible place.

Jake Gyllenhaal

And here's the answer. The picture itself is pretty self-explanatory.

Jake was in Venice to promote the Tom Ford movie "Nocturnal Animals", which won the Silver Lion at the end of the festival. With him were Amy Adams, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Tom himself. After seeing them entering the hotel I went to the pace where the red carpet would have taken place.

Don't you just love her hair?

Amy Adams was gorgeous in her Tom Ford dress (which she was pretty proud to wear, as she told us when we fans complimented her on it).

Can you believe I was so close?

But imagine my shock seeing him, Mr. Colin Firth, arrive on the red carpet, totally unexpected!

At the end of it I can totally say it was a magical experience. I met my favorite actor and made a few friends on the way. Not bad at all.

I hope you enjoyed my story as much as I did living it. #venezia #venice #italia #italy #stellerstories #stelleritalia #jakegyllenhaal #amyadams #colinfirth #tomford #redcarpet #venicefilmfestival #filmfestival #cinema #movies

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