With the 2016 Asian Television Awards just around the corner, we think that it's only appropriate that you get the complete low-down on everything in regards to this year's jam-packed programme. Without any further ado, here's 7 interesting things that you should know about #ATA2016.

#1: This is the second year we're having an official 'LIVE' broadcast of the show, with last year being our first!

#2 The Asian Television Awards however, begun a good 20 years ago. Way back in 1996. And hence, we're having our sweet 21 this year!

#3 Nominees Christopher and Frederick Lee are brothers!

#4 There are also returning nominees from last year such as the very charming Pierre Png and comical Michael V.

#5 This year's award show welcomes a new list of broadcasters and channels set to carry the programme Coincidentally, there are 7 new channels too; so be sure to look out for them!

1. RTL CBS Asia Entertainment Network LLP - RTL CBS Entertainment 2. Emtek - O Channel, vidio.com, Nexmedia 3. Astro - Astro TARA HD/ Astro Xi Yue HD 4. Media Prima - ntv 7

5. ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp - Lifestyle Network Channel 6. CJ E&M - TVing 7. POPS Worldwide - POPS Tv / POPS Music

#6 This year marks the first time we have had hosts from all across the region with Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and China represented!

#7 This year marks the debut of guest performers from all across the region!


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