As I "dig" through my photos and look at these murals I'm at a lose to remember exactly where I discovered them and could I find them again. Most, yes! Some, no! The inner Sydney is such a treasure trove of wall art. Enjoy All taken with the iPhone 6plus and mostly, if not all Hipstamatic.

This Egyptian Cleopatra look alike is one of my favourites. Unfortunately it's been defaced

The King

A classic Fintan Magee, Leichhardt.

Another Fintan Magee, Newtown

Fintan Magee is an Australian street artist known for his murals throughout Australia and the world. Born in Lismore New South Wales he grew up in Brisbane, gaining a reputation as a graffiti writer before obtaining a fine arts degree and relocating to Sydney. He has been described as ‘Australia’s Banksy'by a number of media outlets although Magee has stated in various interviews that he hates this and that such comparisons are the result of ‘lazy journalism’.

This mural alongside a railway line no longer exists

Fintan Magee Newtown

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