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Miller Learns How To Make Friends

Before being adopted by his family, Miller lived in a shelter. There were lots of dogs there, but Miller didn't get much time to play with them.

So Miller's family brought him to play with their friends' dog. He was a dachshund and his name was Morris. Miller liked playing with Morris and learned all about being a dachshund from him.

Another friend of Miller's family also had a dog. He was a Lhasa Apso and his name was Bear. He became Miller's next friend. Now and then Bear came over to visit. Miller had to share his space and his toys with Bear. That was a big lesson in learning how to make friends.

After playing, the dogs would have a nap. If Miller woke up first, he had to wait for Bear to get up. Then they would go outside.

Miller and Bear would chase each other in the backyard. Then they would come inside and relax on the couch together.

Miller Makes Friends At The Dog Park

Miller quickly became comfortable with Bear. Then Miller was ready to have more friends. So his family took him to the dog park.

Miller saw many dogs of all kinds and sizes. He went up to a small dog and sniffed him. That was how he could find out all about him. It's how dogs greet each other.

Miller had learned how to play nicely with other dogs. Could he be friends with other animals?

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