Afgansyah Reza, better known as Afgan, is an Indonesian pop-singer and actor. Afgan launched his debut-album 'Confession No. 1' back in 2008 and has since had another three studio-albums. His latest album, 'Sides' was released on 10th August 2016.

How has your latest album performanced in the charts?

What was it like collaborating with Raisa for the song "Percayalah"?

With this year's coming to an end, what can we expect from Afgan in 2017?

How has television shaped your life growing up?

What was it like on the set of The X-Factor Indonesia?

What's your take on the hashtag #CelebratingAsianTV?

So there we have it, could this be an impending #Road2ATA2017 for Afgan? Only time will tell. Till then, check out the other chapters on #Road2ATA.



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