2016 Chicago Cubs playoffs


When I moved to Chicago in 1993, I attended a Cubs game the day I landed. Over the years, I hit Wrigley on a handful of occasions. It wasn't until 1997, when I started dating a young lady, that I became a regular at the ballpark. (She lived two blocks from the stadium). We got married, had a little dude and moved to the 'burbs. Fewer games, less beer. But for my 45th birthday, my wife said "Go, support our Cubbies." And so I did.

Five years ago, in 2011, I met owner, Tom Ricketts. I asked him for a World Series. He said okay, which I thought was a nice reply.

But I wasn't sure if Tom was lying to me, as evidenced by the Cubbies' 2015 sweep by the Mets, captured nicely on national TV.

2016 brought us new hope

Where the Cubs went, I followed

San Francisco

Los Angeles

When the Cubs made it to their first World Series in 71 years, I felt I had a lot to do with it.

Even down three games to one in the World Series, I never lost faith.

So when the boys made it 3-3, I had one final road trip: Cleveland.

The greatest game 7 ever. Surreal and epic.It was a perfect ending to my three week hall pass.

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