Upholstery Project 2


I'm very new to upholstery but things are always worth a try, right? Here is how to make a footstool using up-cycled bits and bobs

Find old towels, blankets that have seen better days

Lay them out in long, folded strips on top of each other

Roll them up and wrap them in an old jersey cot sheet to stop them unravelling

Fix them with a stapler 🙈

Cut 1" thick foam circle to fit inside

Cut and stick 2" wadding

Stick wadding to the top and sides

Then came the fabric planning stage. Using basic maths I worked out the pattern size needed. 6 x 60• angles is the key info

Cut out 6 identical pieces

Pin together on long and one angled side

And then sew ➖➖➖➖➖

Work round all edges, sewing them all together- careful to make sure they all line up + press seams

And here are the finished pieces! #upholstery #diy #interiordesign Watch this space for more projects! ttsbie

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