The Drama Group

My first time to Korea and I got to travel with my parents😊 We went with a tour. They were all obsessed with Korean dramas!

Felt like I was in first class on Korean Air. This was meal one, bibimbap!

After an 11 hour flight, we got to the hotel and got a yummy bento.

MBC Dramia

Drove to Suwon where many of the historic dramas are filmed.

How they used to make kimchi.

Beautiful view from the top of the town.

Wish lanterns at Bulguksa Temple

Drinking this water makes you younger, so they say.

Made this in less than 10 minutes. Amazing! His pottery was used in one of the Korean dramas.

His kiln he's been using for decades.


Travelled to Busan, where all the fish markets are. This was the beautiful view from Busan Tower.

Thousands of love locks all around Busan Tower.

Had to take a picture of this dragon statue. I am the Year of the Dragon.

Jeju Island

We then flew to Jeju Island and our first stop was Hallim Park.

Map of Jeju Island.

The park had a breathtaking bonsai garden.

Anyone else thinking about Frozen😁

Beef bulgogi! One of my favorite meals.

Seongeup Folk Village

Three poles up = do not enter Two poles up = come back in the evening One pole up = come back in an hour No poles up = please come in

Anyone needs to go to the bathroom?

How they collected water, not drinking water.

Getting closer to Cheonjiyeon Waterfall.

Ahhh, I don't want to get wet.

Sungsan Peak Rise

Ate some fresh abalone!

Where scenes from the drama Iris was filmed.

I love horses and this was awesome!

Do you see a dragon head?


Flew back to South Korea to go to Nami Island to see where scenes from Winter's Sonata were filmed.

Each leaf was a handwritten note.

There were these cute snow people representing different countries.

Had some yummy beef ribs for lunch after coming back from the island.

Got to make kimchi from scratch!


After the fermentation process...yummy!


We came back to Seoul and we got some ginseng, went to the Trick Eye Museum, Hongik University area, and did some shopping.

They age all their ginseng for six years.

The Trick Eye Museum was filled with illusions. We had so much fun!

I can't hold on any longer.

Finally I'm taller than my dad.

Ice, ice panda . . .

Ice slide!

Changing of the guards at Deoksugung Palace.


Next we did some shopping. There was probably every Korean actor and singer. My mom was in heaven.

Exhausted after shopping. Maybe I should've bought a suitcase as well.

Our last dinner. We took a break from Korean food and had some Italian food.

Yummy strawberry pizza. It wasn't as sweet as I thought it would be.

Wine infused shave ice.

Last group photo with a famous Korean actor.

We squeezed in some last minute shopping before we had to leave for the airport at Daiso, the dollar store.

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