My first Australian Geographic assignment

Morton national park

In April this year one of my biggest photography goals became a reality when I was issued an assignment for Australian Geographic

To be given the opportunity to help educate people on an area and encourage people to go there is a bit part of why I take photos

Walking up to the castle is at the very least one of the best walks in NSW. The 360° views from the top are hard to beat and the challenging ascent makes it all the more enjoyable.

Colin Watson (look him up!)

Morton National park kick started the national park movement in NSW, Colin Watson is one on the main reasons a lot of these amazing places are protected. What he has managed to achieve in a life time I'm still blown away by. He is seriously worth reading about.

Some amazing rock formations grace the top of the plateau

The one thing I underestimated completely was how much the people of the area would amazing me. Genuine people passionate about the environment around them, endless amounts of knowledge and a real drive to educate people.

I am definitely looking forward to assignment n°2 in the mean time I'll end with a few more images. For more adventures follow me on Instagram @jakeandersonphotography

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