America has just undergone what has been arguably one of the most controversial and well-contested elections in history.

With all that being said, the 2016 Presidential Election also gave rise to some of the most memorable/ funniest internet memes the world has ever seen.

Let's just start with the two main candidates in question..

Donald J. Trump

REPUBLICAN @realdonaldtrump

Hillary Clinton

DEMOCRAT @HillaryClinton

Here's some of the BEST moments from this year's race to the White House.

Trump approves!

Mrs Clinton getting a little TOO excited 😂

Trump getting a little paranoid at the polling booth

Mr. Obama saying it like it is.

Election Day

Amercia voted and went RED.

And .. Donald J. Trump is elected for President.

Freakishly enough, The Simpsons predicted this day will come a good 16 years ago...

Barron Trump isn't having any of it though 🙄

Even at the face of defeat, Hillary Clinton doesn't give up on her nation.

And that's the same for Mr Barack Obama.

It looks like we'll be seeing Mr. Trump a lot more in the next four years. Will he build a wall? No one knows; only time will tell. So what about 2020.. Who will we be seeing? 🤔

Perhaps... #KANYEFOR2020 ?

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