I've recently come back from a trip to Norfolk Island, my second in 12 months, and this time I really dived in! 🐳🌺 My first visit to Norfolk Island was inspirational as I was able to learn a lot about the history of the place and tick off some tourist 'must-do's' like the fish fry at Puppy's Point and a day trip to Kingston. This time around it was all about the photo's! 📷🐚💙🌊🌲

For those that don't know, Norfolk Island is an external territory off the coast of mainland Australia, about an hour and a half flight from Brisbane. ✈️ It is SO unique and the history will surprise those that know nothing about the place. (I won't tell you everything but the locals are the descendants of the sailors from 'Mutiny of the Bounty' and their Tahitian brides.) 👮🏻❤️👰🏻🌺

You can find out more on this website ...


Norfolk Island is in the 'Lord Howe Island' group of island in the Pacific and has a staggering array of wildlife and nature on display. Not bad for an island with a total area of around 35 km squared. Whilst we visited the Whale Birds were laying their eggs, Boobies were starting to have their babies and there were whales, whales everywhere! 🐳

Here are some of my favorite shots from Norfolk Island and neighboring island "Phillip Island". The Norfolk Island website has some great recommendations and resources and you can totally see and do heaps in a few days or a week! Air NZ fly from Brisbane, Sydney and Auckland. ✈️🌊🐳🐚💙

Bombora Beach is a bit of a locals secret and especially if you make your way around the headland to your right on low tide to get to more secret Bombora's. 😜

Phillip Island has to be seen to be believed! ❤️❤️❤️ You need a local to take you and we went with Charter Marine for the trek!

Anson Bay is a fave from last time! It's only a ten minute wander down to the beach and you'll probably have it all to yourself! 😍🌲🌊

You won't regret a visit to the Hilli Goat farm for some local cheese and a chance to meet Rocco the stud! 🐐💚

Norfolk Island are also on Instagram so go and give them a like ... www.instagram.com/Norfolk.Island 💚🌲💚

Thanks for discovering Norfolk Island with me. #stelleroutdoors #stellerplaces #australia #norfolkisland #stellerstories #stellerid 💙🐚🐳✈️🌊


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