Pumpkin Hummus

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Who said that hummus is eaten only in spring and summer? Here's an autumn and winter version with pumpkin. Yes you heard right pumpkin hummus. To make it I used my blender Oster Classic. A recipe that pleases everyone even the vegetarian and vegan people. You can use it for bread but also to eat well and could also be very good in hot version. Where they enhance many flavors.

Ingredients: Pumpkin - 400 g Boiled chickpeas - 100g Tahina sauce - 6 teaspoons EVO oil - 3 tablespoons Red pepper - 2 tsp Salt #recipe for 4 persons #veggies and #vegan

How to do: Cut the pumpkin and remove the seeds and then bake decorticatela steam. Pour the boiled chickpeas drained with the oil in the blender dell'Oster and control everything. Then add the pumpkin, salt and pepper. Continue to blend for the last thahina sauce. Blend well and possibly add additional oil to taste to obtain a creamy texture

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