Top 10 tips for a city trip

🇪🇸 Here are 10 things you can't miss, when visiting #Barcelona! The city that is nestled in between mountains and the ocean features some amazing sights, but also culinary highlights you shouldn't miss. Check out my Top 10 tips in this story.

# 1

Walk the streets of "El Goticó", the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. It's the perfect way to start the discovery of the city. Tip: Go early in the morning to avoid the crowds.

Or late in the afternoon when the sun lights up the alleys.


Visit the Casa Batllo and experience Gaudì's signature architecture up close. You'll even get a chance to peak out from the small attic window! Tip: again, go early! Otherwise it's going to be super crowded.

The broken tiles are Gaudì's signature.

There's a practical reason: As there are no straight lines or corners regular tiles wouldn't have worked 😉

The inside is all about discovering a feeling of the sea and water.


Discover the new market hall construction at "Mercat del Encants" by architect Fermín Vázquez. It's a contrast of superlatives. The shiny and modern structure is a symbol of Barcelona's contemporary architecture, but it houses a traditional flea market with all its retro glam. Tip: opening days are Mo, We, Fr & Sa!

The clashing contrasts are astonishing!

There's some great merchandise as well 😉


Yes, I admit it - we ate Japanese Ramen in a place that is all about Paella and Tapas. But if you fancy Ramen, this is a perfect place to get the good stuff. Which probably means you'll have to stand in line for it a little. Tip: The homemade lemonade is also really really delicious!

Koku Kitchen


It's not a secret, but the Sagrada Famìlia is worth a visit inside as well! Yes, the prices are ridiculous and you have to buy your tickets online beforehand and you'll stand in line anyways. But once you enter the building it's all forgotten. Even though it's still under construction...

A lot of visitors don't buy tickets and only see the outside...

But the interior is magical!


Churros! Enough said!? Well, I love them filled with Dulce de Leche (it's a caramel of sorts). But fresh out of the frying pan only dusted with some sugar it's also just fine by me. Tip: Get them either at Xurreria Trebol or at Xurreria Manuel San Román.


...or unfilled.

They're always amazing! (And yes, calorie bombs 🙈) Yes, please!!! 😍


Visit the Port Fòrum with all its stunning architecture - especially the International Sailing Center. It's huge roof structure by JA Martinèz Lapeña and Elias Torres architects is covered in photovoltaic panels and represents a huge sail. Tip: This is perfect to discover via bike!

Pick a sunny day for this as it makes for great light effects!


Walk up or down Las Ramblas quickly and then leave it as quickly again 😉 It's the epicenter of tourism in Barcelona and you should not buy anything there (or eat there)... Get a sense of it by passing it once, but that's enough! Tip: Watch out for pickpockets.

Insanity! ☺️

If you buy something make it a parrot balloon please! 🎈


Visit the artisanal market at Plaça del Pi on Sundays. You'll find everything from homemade soaps and jams to fresh fruit and bread.

Plaça del Pi

Quince jelly is my favorite!

And you can try some local 🧀


Check into Hotel Arts and have a Tapas Tasting Menu at the Arola. We got a special vegetarian menu and were blown away! Tapas aren't so easy for veggies, but at Arola they made us dwell in the most amazing treats... 😍 Tip: Get a room at the Club levels! That means you're in the higher floors and you've got access to the Club with great views over Barcelona and amazing food all day long, plus many exclusive services.

Sunrise view from the bed...

The bedroom of our "Club Executive Suite"

@lionheaded enjoying the view...

The view from the Spa terraces is also quite stunning!

One of the delicious Tapas dishes at the "Arola": Potato Tortilla with tomatoes, mushrooms and cheese.

The hotel garden is right next to the famous fish construction by Frank Gehry.

This is where you'll be able to enjoy the incredible breakfast.

Those were my Top 10 from Barcelona! More travels on Instagram: @ladyvenom

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