"unfolding shores" is inspired by the illusory space between land and sea. Gouache paintings on found and stitched paper and drawings on vintage wall paper over board serve as visual explorations of ever changing coastlines: imagined and actual, shifting between water and land, vacillating between disappearing and becoming.

"My work has always referenced borders and the in-between, liminal spaces. Places that become another kind of reality, that are slippages between here and there, past and present, between the beyond and us. Maybe there is some eternal sense of time, history, memory that gets captured in this space. Maybe paying attention to these images in the landscape situated us in the present moment."

In the present environment the coastline is an active ruin, constantly being reinvented. Man has a hand in this - controlling this progression, desperately hemming, reinforcing, and engineering an illusory state of stasis. What remains through the work is a documentation of the diminishing "real" that remains.

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