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Our hilarious wedding day, shared with good friends & family November 2, 1986

On November 2, 1986, newspaper photographer Peter Bull married journalist Trina McLellan in Melbourne in what was a perfect spring day

The boys invented the concept of pre-loading

Don't be fooled, that's pre-loaded Berocca!

Pre-wedding photographs required a hike up the hill near the Myer Music Bowl

But the hike was worth it to reach the lovely grotto where there is a marker of one of Australia's early suffragettes, a relative of one of the wedding party.

This lovely spot is overlooked by a walkway where overseas tourists were bemused by the dress colours!

These lovely ladies - Trina's niece Kate, and best friends Yvonne & Jan - have been true to us over the years, but check out the 80s' hairdos!

Still managing to look dapper, but Peter's best mate Mike, his brother Colin and their mate Rex were already planning hijinks.

The perils of strappy high heels on loose gravel.

When you pre-load, a pit stop is always inevitable. But the boys ordered a drink on the way to the loo to 'calm the nerves'

The publican could hardly believe his eyes seeing a wedding group at 10.30am on a Sunday, until ...

The boys explained that the girls were still out in the hire van. So he made a lovely gesture by bringing the bride some bubbly!

All lined up in Basterfield Park, flat ground for older relatives to join us. The celebrant was a Mr Basterfield!

Someone forgot a table, so the park pump was press-ganged into action

All done!

Let the celebrations begin

Trust Rex to pop the bubbly before we'd even left the park.

Our very sincere thanks to our dear friend Rob Leeson, who took our wedding photos. How he managed to wrangle three other press photographers in the wedding party and not lose his cool we'll never know. Happy Anniversary Peter Bull

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