SECAC Cartoon Exhibition 2016

Today, I visited International Cartoon Exhibition 2016 held by Semarang Cartoon Club (SECAC). This event was held on 29th and 30th Oct 2016 in Wisma Perdamaian, Semarang. The building is located around Tugu Muda, one of the hottest tourism spots in Semarang.

My friend and I came at the last minutes before the exhibition was closed. Luckily, I still managed to see everything on the display.

The chairs were already set aside because it was nearly the closing time.

I am not really into cartoon since it was something I am not familiar with. Still, I believe that cartoon has its own uniqueness in delivering messages in an implicit and amusing way. Sometimes, I just stopped and stared for minutes to understand what it wants to tell. Later, I found myself smiling after doing some interpretations. Amusing, right?

So many displays. With various styles: simple to sophisticated. With various messages: politics to environments.

I do appreciate every cartoonist that can bring social issues into their art. It makes people think of this world without being told. That kind of art. Semarang, 30th October 2016.

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