An inspiring message from Arab women to women everywhere

Done by a Kuwaiti youth initiative called Weoritu. Weoritu have been working tirelessly traveling around the peninsula to interview women young and old to share their stories. Some are pioneers who broke down doors for our women today, and some are the young ladies of tomorrow and their own concerns and triumphs.

The ladies featured include Saudi Arabia’s first female educator, a Kuwaiti MP the UAE’s minister of Youth Affairs and a self made entrepreneur to name just a few. We are honored to bring you Weuritu’s inspiring short film “We Can Do It” Sometimes mainstream media doesn't show all the good that is happening in my part of the world. Great things are coming

One of Saudi Arabia's first female academics and educators (In the modern academic sense)

Two of the first women to travel abroad to go to college and eventually become well respected educators in Kuwait

Knowledge of eachother gives us the chance to not inly be friends, but to learn and see life with a fresh a eye and celebrate our differences and similarities. You can watch the whole film on Weoritu's official Youtube Channel Thank you❤️ #stellerverse #stellerstories #stellerlove #middleeast #peace #onelove

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    It is fantastic to see a group of women from the arab world speaking about their experiences, hopes and optimism dreams. It so important that their voices are heard all over the world in order to dispell stereotypes. Thank you for sharing and inspiring!!

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