Wright State University strives for excellence by paying special attention to the specific needs of it student body. An important aspect of that student body is me, Bronson Allen.

As a “Super Senior”, I have attended Wright State university for 4 and a half years now. I have taken 46 different classes and dropped 3 of them mid-semester. I attended summer courses, 8 a.m. classes, and classes that lasted until 9:30 at night. I have walked to Meijer more times than I’ve shopped there and I’ve poured hard-earned money into WSU’s Transportation Services, for tickets that I’m convinced come from the devil himself. I have been on Dean’s List, Academic Probation, and back again. I made my fair share of friends (and enemies) during group projects and communal cigarette breaks. All-in-all, the last 4 ½ years have been filled with personal triumphs, new lifetime friends, and overwhelming student debt.

During my time here, the one constant, the thing that was always there, and the one thing I love most about Wright State University is…

The Floor Length Mirrors

in the bathrooms

At Wright State, The mirrors will never lie to you like the professor who says “Don’t worry, that won’t be on the test”, when it most certainly will be.

The mirrors will never tell you something you don’t want to hear, like the academic advisor that is just now telling you that the class you need to take is not being offered this semester.

The mirrors will never steal from you, like that one bitch who sits in her van by the Creative Arts Center and waits to prey on the parking spot that you’ve been diligently hunting for.

The mirrors will never assign you homework over the weekend, give unclear instructions, or charge you a late fee of 50 cents, per-book, per-day.

The mirrors at Wright State will be honest to you, like a kind friend, letting you know that it absolutely was the wrong day to straighten your hair.

The mirrors will be there when you need them, for as long as you need them. When you aren’t sure whether or not those pants are too tight or those shoes don’t match, the mirror will wait. It will wait until you decide that they are and they don’t.

The mirrors will tell you things you want to hear, things like “You’re a sexy bitch”, “You are so hot” “You actually look good in those lab goggles”.

The mirrors are more than just an outlet for me to see myself. They know me. They have seen me...

At my absolute worst

and my very best.

They are central to my Snapchat Identity. People who, like, omg, totally, check out my snap story know that I am safe and emotionally sound when they see that 5 second glimpse of me in a bathroom.

Even my friends send me snaps of themselves in the floor-length mirrors, because they know my affinity towards them.

They like to joke and tease me because I take so many bathroom selfies

(But it's because they are jealous).

I even have a floor length mirror in my room, identical to WSU’s.


All of my furniture is centered around it.

The floor length mirrors have so much to offer and yet they are so vastly underappreciated.

So next time, when it’s just you, and you think you have enough time to snap a cute body pic because your outfit is rocking. Think of the mirror. Think of the mirror and all it’s done for you during your education here at Wright State University.

#lovethemirror #loveyourself

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