Draw & Erase

Animation technique on single paper

In the early days of Vine, I created simple animation (combined with stop-motion) on a single paper by draw & erase the sequence.

I draw, I quick tap to record in Vine then erase. Repeatedly until the sequence reach 6 seconds duration.

This Vine was picked in Editor's Pick & brought thousand of likes in 30 minutes.

Usually, I draw & erase for more than 60 times until the animation complete.

Later I combined with stop-motion technique, by adding real objects in the story.

The real object could be the pencil itself.

And also gave 3D perspective.

From paper to digital.

Experiment with virtual 3D space. Bridging the 2D drawing & real world.

Interact with real environment.

And moving from the paper.

Interact with multiple papers.

Passing between paper & sketchbook.

Rip & curl. With the paper being the part of the story.

Timelapse: How I do the draw & erase animation, frame by frame, tap by tap recorded with Vine app.

Timelapse: Combined with real object, 2D animation meets stop-motion.

Timelapse: Not just pencil, I use any erasable drawing tool, including charcoal.

Time flies.

Stop the time!

When the bug bugs you.

And got featured on Business Insider's short video! Yay! (link)

You don't need fancy tools to create animation. All was done 100% in the Vine app, with a pencil, an eraser & a paper. twitter/vine/instagram/steller @pinot

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